Increasing Innovation: Preventing IT Bottlenecks to Accelerate the Pace of Change

25th July 2017

Increasing Innovation

Preventing IT Bottlenecks to Accelerate the Pace of Change

Date: Thursday, 24th August 2017

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm (BST)

Speakers: Chris Holyland, Ecommerce Director at Pets at Home and Adrian Moss, Chief Operation Officer at Intechnica

Synopsis: The world has changed, companies like Amazon and ASOS as well as movements like Lean Startup and continuous delivery have made speed of innovation a core competence. How do you keep up when your competitor can update their product several times a day and go from idea to production in super fast time?

How do businesses keep up with digital natives? Can you compete with companies that have 100s of developers or lean, fast-moving startups? How do you punch above your weight?

This webinar focuses on developing techniques to increase delivery speed, to get ahead and stay there. We show how speed encompasses both culture and technology and how being agile applies to the whole business, not just the IT team. Using real world examples, we will discuss how to create a lean product-centric culture, build a platform for continuous innovation and remove blockers from the technology department.

Whilst this webinar concentrates on practices you can use now, we will conclude by describing why we think machine learning will play a big role in the future of innovation.

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