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We’ve changed a lot since we started in 2006. Intechnica began as a small team of performance experts designing and building systems that could handle exceptional demands under extraordinary circumstances.

Our reputation as technology specialists soon grew, and we were working with some of the biggest names in digital in the UK. Before long, private equity investors started to reach out, asking us to perform technology due diligence on businesses they wanted to back.

Fast-forward to 2022 and most know us for our transaction advisory work (such as IT and Vendor Due Diligence). We’ve seen so much success in that arena that some are surprised that we still design and deliver technology for scaling businesses. However, that’s not just something we do on the side: building technology is at the very heart of what we do.

As we look forward to the future, and plan for the next stage of growth for Intechnica, we saw that we needed to do some work to answer the following questions:

  • Who are Intechnica?
  • What do Intechnica do?
  • What makes Intechnica different?

Who are Intechnica?

In order to determine where we wanted to be as a business, we first needed to look at who we are.

Intechnica is a consultancy that makes technology make a difference, focusing on creating value. That means we’re different things to different people.

For some organisations, we’re a delivery and transformation partner: supporting them in building and maintaining complex enterprise systems, software and technology.

To others, we’re a trusted provider of technology governance, leadership, and reporting services: helping scales-ups by providing interim technology roles and expertise.

To many of our clients, we’re a merger & acquisition technology advisors: supporting investment managers, and companies seeking funding.

We wanted a clearer way to describe support we provide to every one of our clients, uniting these sides of the business meaningfully and usefully.

We wanted to find a way to describe what we do:

  • That brings together everything we offer in a clear and logical way
  • That makes sense to non-technologists as well as those in the industry
  • That covers the broad and deep range of our services without feeling complicated

Assess, Advise and Build

To make Intechnica as easy to understand as possible, we categorised all of our services according to what people already know us for: our assessments, our advice, and what we build.

We’ve been assessing, advising and building for a very long time, but we’d never described ourselves that way before. The more we thought about the business this way, the more things seemed to ‘click’.

‘Assess, Advise and Build’ is core to who we are. It gives us a simple way to explain what we do, and most importantly, brings together all of our streams of work.


We assess technology for investors and businesses. This includes technology due diligence to support M&A, as well as cybersecurity and data science readiness reviews.


We provide advice, guidance and expertise for businesses looking to scale. This includes outsourced data science and technology leadership.


We design and build technology that delivers value. Our focus is to help clients to catch up with their peers, keep up with technological changes and overtake their competition.

How does Assess, Advise and Build make Intechnica different?

We stand apart from most firms in the technology professional services space because of our unique position.

We know what it takes to build excellent technology, because we built, took to market, and scaled Netacea (a Forrester Leader in Bot Management). We understand what private equity investment teams look for in technology businesses, because we’re backed by PE investors ourselves.

However, perhaps the most important way we’re different is because of the combination of our services across Assess, Advise and Build.

For example, our experience working on behalf of investment managers means we can do a better job advising investor-backed businesses. The lessons we learn from building high-performance technology for some of the UK’s biggest brands mean that we can do a better job in assessing the next generation of top tech companies.

We’re experts at Assess because we Advise and we Build.
We’re experts at Advise, because we Assess and Build.
We’re experts at Build, because we Assess and we Advise.

A good example of how we put this into action is the Intechnica Digital Framework, something all of our projects benefit from. The Intechnica Digital Framework is a collection of metrics, measurements and insights we’ve developed over 2,000 engagements assessing, advising and building with our clients.

We use the Intechnica Digital Framework in everything from an IT Due Diligence assessment to our Digital Transformation projects.

What does this mean for the future of Intechnica?

We have ambitious growth plans for the next few years, as we bring new services to clients who’ve been asking for them, and launch in new markets and locations.

You’ll start to see more from us using the ‘Assess, Advise and Build’ philosophy as we expand our customer base, and welcome new colleagues to the team.

Assess, Advise and Build isn’t so much a new way forward for Intechnica as it is a better way of describing the direction we’ve been going in for a long time now.

We’ll continue to create business value for our clients, and everybody we work with stands to benefit from our ‘One Intechnica’ philosophy.

But most importantly of all, we’ll keep making technology make a difference.

Ryan Barnes joined Intechnica in 2020 as Marketing Manager. Since joining, he’s built the marketing team and supported the business with messaging, campaigns and more.

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