Introducing Netacea: The New Layer of Cyber Security


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Netacea, the completely new version of TrafficDefender has been developed in stealth mode over the last two years within Intechnica consultancy services umbrella.

Netacea is a new layer of security dedicated to bot detection and mitigation. Radically different from traditional ‘black box’​ solutions, Netacea is agile, intelligent and configurable to your environment in a way that adapts to changing threats. It provides deep, actionable analysis of all internet traffic, web reconnaissance, automated bots and legitimate website visitors then manages those journeys accordingly in real time.  It complements existing controls such as WAF rulesets, rate limiting and threat databases, to provide deep analysis of all website visitors

Intechnica is well known for both the TrafficDefender product, and as an enterprise development and consultancy company focusing on producing high complexity, high performance, secure applications. Intechnica consultancy services offer digital transformation programs for businesses looking to modernise their technical capability or to introduce modern data science capabilities into their business. Working with many customers showed that there was a need for solutions that would improve both the security and performance of websites, and that artificial intelligence could be harnessed to create next generation solutions to this problem.

After several years in incubation, the TrafficDefender product was re-developed and became Netacea, with a team  entirely dedicated to the development and sales of the Netacea product.


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