Intechnica Digital Blueprint

David Horton Principal Consultant

Over the last decade, Intechnica has worked with more than 300 tech-enabled businesses including  AO, ASOS and Channel 4. From this deep and broad experience, we have captured real-world best-practice and encapsulated it in the Intechnica Digital Blueprint.  The Digital Blueprint is a pragmatic, proven method for enhancing business success through technology, it promotes a way of working with technology which is not only well aligned with the business but is actively pushing the business forwards.

The Intechnica Assessment Framework considers over 60 key indicators, assessing the people, process and technology to capture how well a company is able to exploit technology to increase business value and how well it’s managing risk.  Presented in a digestible format, the framework provides an objective measure of the quality and contribution made by IT to business benchmarked against peers. The assessment is focused on outcomes rather than methodology, it is therefore possible to get a good score if the methodology chosen is suitable for the businesses’ needs and can be shown to be delivering the necessary outcomes.

Understanding the effectiveness of technology teams is a vital first step towards greater value though technology.  Technical teams are scored on the Intechnica Business Contribution scale allowing business leaders and investors to understand where improvements should be focussed, eliminating waste and promoting alignment and buy in.  A roadmap of change can be derived from the Digital Blueprint to accelerate business value through effective and transparent approach to technology.

Lewis Bantin “The Digital Framework has become a fundamental part of ECI’s investment due diligence process, as well as being recognised within the corporate finance community. The reports enable investment stakeholders to understand the technical capability of their asset and how its technology can be enhanced and aligned with the growth strategy to maximise the value on exit.