Prevent Traffic Overload With A Virtual Waiting Room Webinar

Prevent Traffic Overload With A Virtual Waiting Room


  • Thursday, 24th May, 17:00 UTC+1

What’s My Time Zone?

Speakers: Thomas Platt, Virtual Waiting Room Specialist

Synopsis: Are you worried about website slowdowns and downtime during peak sales periods? 

Can you be sure your website can handle the extra traffic your marketing campaigns generate?

Thousands of organisations solve this problem by implementing a virtual waiting room in front of their website that only kicks in when traffic hits a pre-configured threshold.  Once initiated visitors are placed in a queue until it is their turn to enter the website.

This webinar details how to:

  • Prevent website downtime during traffic surges
  • Ensure a VIP customer experience
  • Enable you to leverage existing infrastructure investments and extend its lifecycle
  • Prevent account takeover bots gaining access to your customer accounts
  • Free up infrastructure by blocking malicious bot traffic