Data Science Web Analytics White Paper

Oliver Benham Data Scientist

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This white paper looks at the evolution of web analytics and can be used as a guide for high growth businesses looking to utilise data science to gain competitive advantage. 

With Data Science, organisations can collate information from disparate sources to identify behavioural patterns and discover business trends. It allows businesses to segment their audience and provide them with a highly personalised service.

In this white paper, I describe the seismic shift taking place in website hyper-personalisation and how this is creating the next phase of web analytics.

Data Science Web Analytics White Paper Download

About The Author

David Walters is the Head of Data Science at Intechnica. With years of experience working as a CTO and CIO for IT service management companies and private equity houses, David has extensive experience in strategy, management and Data Science. At Intechnica, David leads the Data Science division to use machine learning and AI to drive client businesses performance and support company strategy. He worked in private equity high growth companies using technology and data analytics to help drive successful trade exits for over 10 years.