Bespoke Software Development

Our Bespoke Software Development Team Can Enable Your Business to Cost-Effectively Accelerate Your Time-to-Market

Developing new bespoke software is an excellent way to gain competitive advantage through innovation. Improving efficiency of existing processes, enhancing customer experience or revolutionising backend systems, bespoke software development can act as a significant differentiator for businesses in their respective marketplaces. However, this causes a dilemma for CEOs, CTOs and CIOs, how to develop the new bespoke software with existing resources. Does the business divert resources away from existing projects and day-to-day activities? Diverting existing resources can reduce the effectiveness of the entire IT function and result in poor technical delivery, which does not meet business requirements or corporate objectives.

Intechnica enables organisations to quickly and cost-effectively realise their business ambitions, which are heavily dependent on effective technical delivery, by deploying multi-disciplinary teams to deliver new, or major changes to existing software systems.

Using our proprietary Digital Blueprint, our teams deliver bespoke software development in an Agile manner. Our track record is excellent, even when solving problems we have never encountered before because our team of specialist practitioners work ‘on-shore’ in the UK. This reduces communication barriers, enables customers to gain easier and regular access to our team and, improves efficiency and effectiveness of the collaborative partnership. We work with a product centred mind set and focus on business objectives, with performance and security by design built in.

Cost-Effectively Accelerating Time-to-Market

Innovation is a key driver of competitive advantage, enabling organisations to differentiate themselves from their rivals. However, with all businesses seeking to achieve similar advantages, the pace at which this change is delivered is critical. IT resources may already be stretched and without enough availability to drive projects, the speed at which changes can be made and released is dramatically affected.

One of the biggest fears for businesses trying to innovate is that of failure. Failure to deliver the change on time, or being beaten to it by competitors, can reduce appetite for innovation. However, more significantly is budgetary concerns. Businesses have finite budgets and do not want to waste it on failed delivery or multiple iterations.

Intechnica helps organisations accelerate time-to-market by removing capacity challenges and ensuring projects fall within budget, are delivered quickly and meet business objectives. We solve this by enabling businesses to temporarily flex out to us, where provide the resources, skills and experience needed to accelerate your time-to-market innovations.

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