Cloud Consultancy and Management

Our AWS Specialists, Experts in Cloud Consultancy and Management, Can Optimise Your Applications to Improve Performance and Reduce Hosting Overheads

Moving to the cloud is often seen as a relatively straight forward process. Simply migrate applications over and, because everything is cloud based, Developer teams can manage the operational challenges through the cloud providers interface. However, businesses often discover moving to the cloud is very challenging.

Firstly, applications that run off the cloud are not necessarily build to run on cloud based infrastructure. Secondly, once the application has been migrated to the cloud there is still a lot of operational management required, which can be overwhelming for Developer teams.

Our expert practitioners have years of experience migrating, optimising and managing cloud based applications for our clients and our own product, TrafficDefender. From this we are able to offer business two distinct services: Cloud Consultancy and; Cloud Management.

Cloud Consultancy provides advice to organisations looking to move to the cloud. As AWS specialists, we analyse applications and offer recommendations on how best to optimise them. For businesses looking to develop applications, we provide advice on how best to build for the cloud. Our objective is to ensure our customers’ applications operate at the highest possible level of performance, whilst running on the lowest possible infrastructure cost.

Cloud Management offers organisations the operational support required to manage applications in the cloud. Our team add value by providing the management layer between AWS and their Development teams, delivering patching, security updates and backups for cloud based applications. Our specialists work to reduce cloud hosting costs through continuous optimisation of AWS. We undertake reviews of customer’s AWS estates to identify how they can be improved to boost performance and reduce ongoing cost.

Helping Businesses Deploy Applications to the Cloud

Often businesses are not well prepared for moving or developing applications for the cloud. There are a lot of unknowns to deal with and, if a business has not gone through the process before, or lacks experienced and sufficiently skilled resources, their teams will not be able to pre-empt potential challenges along the way.

As AWS experts, our teams have the skills and experience to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. We have supported many organisations by preparing them for cloud based migrations or have built their applications and systems in the cloud for them.

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