Digital Health Check

With Our Proprietary Digital Health Check You Can Develop and Validate Your IT Investment Strategies, Enabling Rapid Business Growth

Our industry experts have many years of experience delivering highly scalable digital IT solutions to a range of high growth businesses. The knowledge we have acquired from solving the challenges faced by these organisations has led us to develop our own proprietary Digital Blueprint. This Digital Blueprint is our best practice IT model and the foundation on which we perform IT due diligence and analyse IT performance – our Digital Health Check methodology.

The Digital Health Check, trusted by many Private Equity companies, and which is delivered by our experienced practitioners, is an objective analysis of IT systems and infrastructure performance. It identifies the current IT gap between where a business is now and where it wants or needs to be, providing a practical roadmap for digital transformation that can be implemented within budget.

Supporting Investors and Private Equity Companies

The Digital Health Check enables the verification of business value by helping investors and private equity companies understand whether or not a potential investment is worth it.

Prior to any investment, Intechnica’s expert practitioners perform IT due diligence on potential targets to identify the gap between where the business is now and where the investors want it to be, and how much additional investment is required to bridge that gap. After the investment has been made, our team can perform a post-investment Digital Health Check to gain a deeper understanding of the business and how its investors can rapidly and efficiently realise their investment objectives.

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