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With Our Digital Transformation Agents Your Business Can Develop Cutting Edge Solutions to Modern World Business Challenges

Digital Transformation is very challenging for businesses and their IT teams, which consumes a great deal of time and financial resources. In addition there is an opportunity cost of undertaking the digital transformation versus ongoing initiatives and IT support. However, choosing to do nothing brings with it even greater long term problems such as a build-up of technical debt, loss of competitive advantage and gradually decreasing IT efficiency.

Our Digital Transformation experts work in partnership with organisations who experience these challenges. In order to understand the problem space, the transformation required and how this fits with the overall business strategy and objectives, we undertake a Digital Health Check and subsequently produce a Digital Strategy – all based on our proprietary Digital Blueprint. This process helps our experts and customers understand the scope and cost of the transition project and, how it will deliver tangible business benefits in line with the corporate strategy.

Once the scope of the project has been defined and agreed with our customers, we assemble and deploy a multi-disciplinary team to transform the organisation into a ‘digital first’ business, enabling it to perform better in the digital world.

Our specialist practitioners can be deployed as an augmentation of existing IT teams, bringing in best practice methodologies that have been developed over years of successful delivery. Alternatively, we can replace existing IT teams from transformation projects, enabling them to focus on business as usual activities. If the organisation does not have an IT team, we will provide one.

Providing Specialist Expertise to Drive Transformation

Delivering digital transformation requires specialist skills and expertise from experienced ‘transformation agents’. However, for most organisations digital transformation is not part of their ‘business-as-usual’ activities and so their IT teams do not contain these specialist agents. Bringing transformation agents into an organisation is extremely costly, time consuming and challenging. Performance from day one cannot be guaranteed. It takes time for the individuals to evolve into a team that is comfortable working together.

Our customers can drive transformation at a faster pace because we provide the specialist teams that are made up entirely of transformation agents. These agents, or practitioners, are highly skilled at delivering enterprise level digital transformations and have many years of experience working together, and in partnership with our customers and their IT teams. This means our customers do not lose time and money trying to find the right people, bring them together, get them up to speed and used to working as a team.

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