Technical Transformation

Enhancing business performance through technology, people and processes

85% of companies are not equipped to manage 

the change outlined in their growth strategies

Technical transformation can drive competitiveness, but organisations must balance many competing challenges to successfully deliver change. Business must pursue both stability and predictability of change as well as the ability to innovate and offer new services in order to meet changing customer expectations. Organisations need to increase their capability maturity to realise the full benefits of technology.

We help creating new operating models and leading change.

Organisations want to build their own digital vision and are focused on transformation. This creates challenges with business stability and driving growth.

Avantia                  asos                      Pets at Home

Intechnica has delivered transformative change programmes to companies companies who are now considered digital pioneers, such as Avantia, ASOS and Pets at Home.

Using our proven methodology we design and deliver insightful business plans for technical transformation to match your ambition.

To achieve high growth and exploit new opportunities, businesses need their technology function to provide a stable framework for core BAU activities and have the capability for innovation.


  • Create a stable framework for growth.
  • Ensure performance and scalability.
  • Security and privacy auditing.
  • Manage technical debt.


  • Business and technology alignment.
  • Launching new services at scale.
  • Rapid product deployment.
  • Creating agility.

We drive change through clear strategy and proposition development and benchmark businesses against over 200 digital leaders using the Intechnica Digital Blueprint. Our innovative solutions enable teams, processes, systems and technology to work in-line with business requirements, which deliver rapid change in a scalable and agile manner.

Take control of digital product and service delivery.

We educate leadership teams to transform their processes and tools to enable new innovative
services to be launched, tested, and iteratively improved.

Arrow Diagram Tech Transformation

Technological innovation and disruption are at historically high levels. Hiring or training staff with the expertise to formulate the right internal strategy is incredibly difficult.

The knowledge and skills required to deliver digital strategy cannot be contained within one person it requires a team of people with a wide range of experience.

Our team includes experts in:

  • IT strategy.
  • Product design and development.
  • Building and managing teams.
  • Designing IT processes.

Businesses use Intechnica so they can work collaboratively with and learn best practice development processes from the subject matter experts in our CTO Office, as well as ensuring minimum disruption to BAU.

Successful businesses use their IT function to differentiate and deliver on key business objectives.

Our Experts

Intechnica’s specialist team are highly skilled at managing the delivery of Technical Transformation programs to high growth SMEs and have decades of experience working collaboratively with Businesses Executives and their IT teams.

David Horton, Principal Consultant

David helps businesses assess technology systems and define change management programmes. He has over 15 years’ experience in technical service delivery and co-authored Intechnica’s Digital Blueprint for success used to assess technology functions.

Gayle Durham, Managing Consultant

Gayle helps businesses assess technology systems and define change management programmes. She has over 20 years’ experience in technical service delivery, working in Product Development, Technical Transformation and consultancy.

Dave Bamber, Technical Consultant

Dave has experience in supporting Technical Transformation projects as both an Architect and Technical Lead. He has worked for 11 years in the IT industry and earned a MSc with distinction in Advanced Computer Science.

Adrian Moss, CTO

Adrian focuses on strategy, building large software development teams and agile processes. He has worked both in start-ups and large corporate companies as Product Director, Programme Director and Divisional Manager. 

Julia Embury, Senior Product Owner

Julia is an expert in different delivery methods. She advises businesses on the most effective ways to achieve their goals, identifying problems that will impact Product Development and recommending the best solutions.

Intechnica consistently demonstrate the economic benefits of Technical Transformation. We help investors understand the risk within their assets and how to use technology to maximise exit value. 

Increase control, reduce operational spend, and drive business growth. Launch new products and services to the market within weeks.

With Intechnica on board, we’re able to tap into their expertise whenever we want to harness new technologies or develop specialist services quickly and cost-effectively.”

Peter Walker, Head of IT
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