Existing Application Management

Our Existing Application Management Teams Can Help You Align Existing Applications with Your Modern Technologies and Infrastructure

As businesses evolve so do their software systems. Over time these systems decrease in performance and produce a legacy of technical debt, and maintaining or developing them can cause significant capacity issues within existing IT teams. Spreading resource thinly across multiple projects hinders innovation because it slows down the pace of change, which means organisations fail to extract maximum value from their IT investments and realise their business ambitions.

If an organisation has an existing application it continues to rely on, but does not want its ongoing development to be a part of the IT team’s future workstack, our specialist developers can take ownership of it on behalf of the business. We achieve this in one of two ways: manage the existing application ourselves or; deploy a team onsite with our customer. Our team ensures the application continues to run at high performance levels and, develop and implement enhancements so it delivers against business objectives. We also provide full application support to the business and its users.

To achieve this, we focus a lot of time at the beginning of the project into understanding the solution the application exists to deliver, the technology being used to deliver it, how this fits with the business strategy and what future support is required. We then build the team that has all the skills and experience necessary to support and enhance that application, working in partnership with the customer on what needs to be done or what the application needs to do to support the business strategy. We respond rapidly to the changing needs of our customers. By working towards our own Agile development methodology and proprietary Digital Blueprint, our team are able to deliver in exceptionally fast sprints, frequently and reliably – time and time again.

Aligning Existing Applications with Modern Technologies

Technical debt often builds with older applications as time and technology moves on around it. As organisations evolve and grow so do their requirements, strategies and objectives. Moving on to new IT projects helps businesses evolve and grow but, if older applications appear to be running smoothly, development gets neglected and is increasingly seen as a lower priority – until problems start to arise.

Often modern technologies have moved on to the point where the older application is running on older infrastructure that is no longer supported, or running on newer infrastructure that it is not suited to. Intechnica are specialists at enabling organisations to align their existing applications with modern technologies. This is done through a rigorous programme of Agile sprint developments, ensuring the existing application continues to perform at fast speeds, and is robust and stable on modern technology and infrastructure.

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