Performance Assurance

Our Performance Assurance Experts Can Help You Understand and Improve the Performance and Reliability of Your IT Systems

High performance systems rely heavily on continuous improvement to ensure they do not regress in the face of ever advancing technological innovation. In fact, even if an organisation has just completed a rigorous performance test, it is possible the system has already experienced performance regression.

Intechnica was founded on the experiences of building and running highly scalable, high performance systems. As such we understand performance of systems requires the right people, processes and technology. Since our early inception, we developed our own proprietary performance maturity framework, which is a best practice template for maintaining control of systems performance – and we have a number of published authors on the subject.

Our service enables organisations to accurately know the capacity and performance characteristics of their systems. We provide a multi-disciplinary team of performance specialists to assess, improve and/or maintain the performance of complex digital systems. Our team delivers an assessment of the businesses systems against our performance maturity framework, providing a performance maturity score. In addition, we provide a strategy that serves as a backlog of activity required to improve the control of the performance of systems.

By adopting our approach to performance assurance in development, our customers have better performing systems that are released on time and without ‘project impacting’ performance issues identified at a later stage. We identify and fix problems during the design phase in order to reduce time and expenditure later in the development process, which is often referred to as an ‘Agile shift left approach.

Fixing or Preventing System Outages

Traffic spikes caused by peak trading events have a direct impact on website performance, sometimes resulting in system outages and loss of revenue. Systems experiencing these difficulties are those that struggle with scalability, especially where the capacity of the system is unknown, but symptoms can be caused by other issues.

Our team are experts at designing and building high performing scalable web applications. By analysing the performance of website systems against our performance maturity framework, we can detect problems earlier and help prevent future outages or performance slow down before they become business impacting. However, for organisations who have already experienced or are experiencing outages, our team can reduce the time it takes to fix these issues and bring systems back to an acceptable level of reliability and robustness.

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