Bridge the Gaps Between Your IT Teams and the Boardroom

IT is often not fully understood in a large range of organisations. Due to the technical nature of IT systems and infrastructure, this is not surprising. However, if IT and technical strategy is not fully understood by the wider business a ‘disconnect’ from the overall business strategy and objectives can occur.

If technical IT problems are not communicated in a way that can be easily understood by the business, projects designed to solve critical issues are often not signed off. Justifying spend on large IT systems and infrastructure projects is very challenging. CTOs and CIOs can find it difficult to make the case for change and as a result struggle to use IT to meet business objectives. Similarly CEOs have no way to validate the work of the IT team, measure performance or validate cases for change.

Our team enables businesses to bridge the gap between IT and the boardroom. We have experienced practitioners who are able to take complex IT challenges and communicate them in plain English to non-technical people. By aligning IT technical strategy with the wider business strategy and objectives, we can help CTOs and CIOs make the case for change and transformation, developing a Digital Strategy to achieve this. Similarly we can help the leadership team validate the case for change by offering an independent expert second opinion.

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Develop or Validate Your IT Investment Strategies

The Digital Health Check can be used to help organisations understand the IT investment required to grow their business and develop plans to realise their strategic objectives.

The process undertaken by our specialist practitioners enables CEOs, CTOs and CIOs understand the challenges and limitations of their current systems and infrastructure and also, provides expert validation or correction of existing digital strategies and IT investment plans. By analysing these plans against our Digital Blueprint we can help businesses scale efficiently without investment wastage and gain the desired return, within planned timeframes.

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Fix Your Failed Cloud Application Deployments

After an organisation has moved to the cloud they can experience problems with their applications. This could be performance issues, error messages or general loss of some or all functionality. In a lot of cases, finding and resolving problems quickly and efficiently can be overwhelming, especially when the rest of the business is struggling without the application, or the customer experience has been dramatically altered.

Our teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience fixing these problems. We help organisations rapidly fix applications, enabling them to return to a state of ‘business-as-usual’ in the shortest possible time.

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Improve Your IT Deliverability to Meet Business Objectives

As we have already discussed, spreading IT resource too thinly across multiple projects can slow down the speed of delivery and pace of organisational change. However, it also contributes to reducing the effectiveness of the delivered output. In most cases where software development teams cannot produce the desired output, or the output does not deliver business objectives required, it is only realised towards the end of the project.

With our product centric mind set and business objective focus, our specialist practitioners enable organisations to improve the effectiveness of their IT delivery. By providing a team of Agile experts focused solely on the software development project, our customers are able to achieve their strategic objectives and maintain a rapid pace of organisational change.

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Increase Your Internal Systems Performance

Internal IT system performance is affected the same as externally facing systems such as websites and web applications. As soon as a new system is pushed live its performance gradually begins to fall away as that system is used. Slow internal systems reduce the productivity of delivery teams, which has far reaching consequences across the business. For example, customers can experience a poorer quality of service, operations teams may fail to hit productivity targets, sales and marketing teams could be hindered in driving revenue.

Our team of performance experts are practitioners first, consultants second. What we mean by this is, unlike traditional IT consultants, our experts are practitioners who design and develop high performance systems on a daily basis. Drawing on years of experience and acquired knowledge, they are able to apply cutting edge methodologies and practices to the challenges faced by our customers. This means they are perfectly qualified to analyse systems against our performance maturity framework and provide detailed reports on capacity and performance issues, along with their own expert recommendations for improvement.

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Increase the Speed of Your IT Delivery

All businesses experience challenges with resource allocation, especially around digital transformation. Adding digital transformation to the existing mix of IT projects and day-to-day activities spreads resources too thinly, which directly impacts upon the effectiveness of IT delivery. It also slows down the pace and quality of the transformation, pushing up costs and increasing project overruns.

Intechnica eliminates all this by helping businesses increase the speed of IT delivery, shortening time to market. By providing the specialist resources and people necessary to drive change, we enable organisations to accelerate their ability to transform their businesses. What this means is our customers can focus on their existing mix of IT projects and day-to-day activities, while our teams focus on delivering the digital transformation that is required to produce additional business benefits and competitive advantages.

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Maximise the Output of Your IT Investments

IT investments can regularly spiral out of control if the scope and objectives are not clearly defined at the outset. If the business has already committed to the project it faces a choice of cancelling the initiative and losing its investment, or diverting additional funds to complete the project. Whatever the business decides the result is a negative ROI.

Having rescued many IT investment projects in the past, our team of expert practitioners have the skills and experience to redefine an organisation’s Digital Strategy and reduce the risk of project overspend. Similarly we can identify efficiency savings in the existing Digital Strategy to help increase the output from current IT deployments, significantly boosting the ROI of present and future IT investments.

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Plug Your IT Skills Gaps

If older applications running on older infrastructure are not frequently developed, organisations can find skills gaps start to appear because newer team members have no prior experience working with the technology. Over time this means fewer and fewer resources are capable of developing the existing application and, when development becomes critical, the business cannot affect a change.

Our team of specialist developers have a wealth of knowledge and experience than spans a diverse mix of technologies. Combined with our proprietary Digital Blueprint and Agile development methodology, we are able to plug existing skills gaps within organisations to ensure existing applications are developed and delivering against the businesses strategic objectives.

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Rescue Your Failed or Failing IT Investments

The pace of technological change is rapid and an organisation’s IT functions must evolve at a similar speed to realise its strategic objectives.

However, investing in IT can be very expensive and failing to realise the value of that investment causes significant problems for businesses and investors alike. The Digital Health Check can help organisations understand why this failure has occurred and identify bottlenecks within the IT function that are causing it, along with solutions to remove them and regain shareholder value.

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Resolve Your Operational Resource Limitations

Over time existing in-house or data centre infrastructure gradually becomes unstable. This is due to the system reaching its capacity limitations or because of operational weaknesses. Often the root cause of both is Development teams performing operational responsibilities. Moving to the cloud is the perfect solution to these challenges because it eliminates problems around infrastructure capacity and is seen as operationally easier to manage for Development teams.

However, operational management of cloud based systems still requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to perform. Although moving to the cloud will help the system become more operationally stable, poor operational management can lead to spirally hosting costs.

Our experienced teams have all the skills and expertise to help businesses move to the cloud and, once the application is live, manage the operational responsibilities on their behalf. By acting as a management layer between an organisation’s AWS and their Development teams, we can work with businesses to reduce AWS costs while enabling their IT teams to focus on developing their applications.

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Resolve Your Software Scalability Challenges

Scalability is a huge challenge for IT driven organisations and the cost and scope of the project can overwhelm IT teams. Software that cannot scale any further has a direct impact on business growth. The only solution is to architect and design a way around the problem, but this can very challenging and costly.

Our teams of developers can design high performance software to cope with the largest scaling issues seen around the globe. Our own product, TrafficDefender, has been built to comfortably handle the aggregated peak traffic volumes of the top 15% of retailers in the UK. In addition to the work we do for our customers, we constantly evolve our own software products to continuously improve scalability, which demonstrates the skills, knowledge and expertise of our specialist developers.

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Reverse Your System Performance Regression

Almost as soon as a new system goes live it starts to regress because its capacity starts to erode as the system is being used. Even if a performance test has recently been undertaken, capacity and performance is already in a state of decline. Website conversion rates are adversely affected by slow load speeds and more so by frequent system outages, which directly impacts upon business growth and sales revenues.

Our team of performance experts enable businesses to continuously monitor and measure the capacity and performance characteristics of their systems. Unlike performance consultants, our performance experts are active practitioners who design and develop high performance systems day-in-day-out. This means we are able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as cutting edge practices and methodologies. Our team provide a detailed report on system capacity and performance and, deliver a series of recommendations to help businesses improve.

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Support Your IT Resource Management Challenges

Existing software development puts increased pressure on resource management across an organisation’s IT team. Often, when there is a lack of available resource, the greatest challenge is deciding what not to do. However, this slows down the rate at which a business is able to innovate and impacts upon its ability to grow. A solution to enable the organisation to do everything is what is required.

We work in partnership with our customers to support resource management challenges and help them work out their development priorities, structure those into a manageable workload, identify backlog and start working through that backlog in priority order. Of course we understand things change and so do requirements and priorities, so we constantly project manage this for our customers and adapt to meet their business challenges. We operate a very honest, open and transparent project management function, so customers always know exactly what we are working on, when it will be delivered, any issues we encounter and how these will impact on their business objectives.

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