Bot Wars

11th April 2017

Bot Wars

The Impact of Bots in the Ticketing Eco System

Speakers: Andy Still, CTO of Intechnica, Thomas Platt, Senior Account Manager at Intechnica and Rhodri Morgan, Head of Data and Business Technology at Roundhouse

Synopsis: Ticket touting has always been a challenge for the events industry. However, with the majority of tickets now selling online, the rise of cheap cloud computing power and availability of automated bots has given the modern ticket tout more power than ever.

With the ability to purchase large quantities of highly desirable tickets, with limited budget and technical knowledge, touts are often able to sell tickets in bulk with huge markups via secondary ticketing sites. This fuels a lucrative black market at the expense of genuine fans and enthusiasts.

The online landscape for ticket purchasing is leaving customers feeling locked out, while black market touts profiteer off the investments and business risks taken by artists, venues, managers, tour management companies, booking agents and promoters. However, there is a solution.

Join Intechnica’s CTO, Andy Still, and guest speaker Rhodri Morgan, Head of Data and Business Technology at Roundhouse, as we discuss the ever changing tactics employed by ticket touts and the effects these are having during major ticketing sales. We will discuss various mitigation tactics available to vendors and the laws being put in place by central governments around the globe.

Dates From To
Thursday 20th April 3:00pm (GMT) 4:00pm (GMT)
Monday 24th April 11:00am (GMT) 12:00pm (GMT)

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