TrafficDefender is the industry leading Digital Traffic Manager.

Traditional traffic management looks at the effective flow of data through systems. Digital Traffic Management looks at the effective flow of customers through to your system, ensuring the optimal customer experience and maximum revenue is delivered at all times.

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Web Traffic Is A Hard Earned Digital Asset. TrafficDefender Ensures That Asset Is Not Wasted

TrafficDefender Gives You Insight Into the Nature of Your Web Traffic and Ability to Control It

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Understand, Control and Optimise Your Web Traffic

Deploy TrafficDefender and enable your business to safeguard customer experiences, reduce capacity issues and server costs and, increase site performance and sales revenues.

  • Optimise flow of traffic to your systems
  • Maximise value obtained from infrastructure
  • Reduce risk of fraud, content theft and other bot attacks
  • Increase uptime and revenue during peak events
  • Protect marketing campaign investments
  • Challenge malicious bot activity
  • Gain real-time insight into web traffic
  • Make instant changes to mitigate problems

A very elegant solution...

We had TrafficDefender configured and tested within a week of us starting the engagement. It was very straightforward. We piloted TrafficDefender for our sale in December 2014 and from there we went to full production with it – it was a no-brainer.
Sharon Lowrie Director of Technology & Business Change, Hobbs London
TrafficDefender was great value for Scribbler, as any downtime during a busy sale could cost the business thousands in revenue. TrafficDefender made sure that didn’t happen and Father’s Day was a huge success for Scribbler.
Emily Ridgwell
Head of eCommerce
In one of the prime time slots, several 100 of our customers were buffered for about 90 seconds by TrafficDefender, so instead of getting no response or a very slow response, they had a controlled response from TrafficDefender that indicated when they would be able to get into the website.
Jeff Cattle
Head of Computer Services

Manage Web Traffic

  • Bot Management
  • Peak Management
  • Traffic Routing

Real-Time Management Console

  • Real-time dashboards of website traffic data
  • Modify settings in response to activity
  • Detailed reports on your key metrics

Quick and easy to install

  • One-step installation: point your DNS
  • No changes to your webiste code
  • TrafficDefender works on all platforms

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Or call us weekdays 9-5pm on 03309 950 040