“Web Performance Warrior” by Andy Still

Penelope Sowden Associate Consultant

Web Performance Warrior considers the modern-day challenges facing applications and those who are responsible for them, where performance is a major concern. Numerous studies show that poorly performing applications or websites lose customers and that poor performance can have a detrimental effect on a company’s public image. Yet all too often, corporate executives don’t see performance as a priority—or just don’t know what it takes to achieve acceptable performance.

Usually, someone dealing with the application in real working conditions realizes the importance of performance and wants to do something about it. If you are this person, it is easy to feel like a voice calling in the wilderness, fighting a battle that no one else cares about. It is difficult to know where to start to solve the performance problem.

However, our CTO, Andy Still, has written the Web Performance Warrior ebook that will try to set you on the right track, which is available for free download. The process described in Web Performance Warrior will allow you to declare war on poor performance and become a web performance warrior. The web performance warrior is not a particular team member; it could be anyone within a development team. It could be a developer, a development manager, a tester, a product owner, or even a CTO/CIO.

A web performance warrior will face battles that are technical, political and economic. This book will not train you to be a performance engineer: it will not tell you which tool to use to figure out why your website is running slow or tell you which open source tools or proprietary tools are best for a particular task. However, it will give you a framework that will help guide you toward a development process that will optimize the performance of your website.